David Arthur Bachrach voiced more than 20 varied characters in the long-running, critically-acclaimed podcast fictional series "Life With Althaar." Highlights of his characters include the following: a sort-of Gilbert & Sullivan character, a Pharma Executive, an Old Caretaker (with a Maine accent), a sassy Shakespeare Robot, a stupid plant, and Rex a dog-species Fidorian (get it? Fido-rian?)


Humans, Aliens, Citizens, Robots, Plants and Animals

Human Clips:

Radio Free Fairgrounds CLIP 1

Radio Free Fairgrounds CLIP 2

Radio Free Fairgrounds CLIP 3

a front-line resistance news reporter.
(clips also feature Anna Stefanic and Eli Ganias)

Reassuring Reporter

A reassuring reporter.

Alien Clips:

Montaguian Emissary

A shakespearean alien of the Montague family.
(clip also features Anna Stefanic)

Patronizing Waiter

A french waiter.
(clip also features Anna Stefanic and John Amir)

Angry Bronsonian

A tiny and angry one-legged alien.
(clip also features Zuri Washington and Derrick Peterson)

Citizen Clips:

TV Announcer & Financial Reporter

A Television Product Announcer and a Financial Reporter.
(clip also features John Amir and Jessica Stoya)

Upset Denizen

(clips also feature Ivanna Cullinan)

Old Caretaker

An old timer who knows all.
(clip also features John Amir)


A take-no-business gangster businessman.
(clip also features Jessica Stoya and Chris Lee)

Talking Robot Clips:

Class Traitor Bot

A Robot debating working rights.
(clip also features Dean Haspiel, Linus Gelber, and Lex Friedman)


A robotic television reviewer in the style of Siskel and Ebert.
(clip also features Linus Gelber)


Spaceship's System Computer Voice.
(clip also features Ivanna Cullinan and Linus Gelber)

Shakespearean Actor-Bot

An elagantly loquacious Robot whom isn't always taken seriously.
(clip also features Olivia Baseman and Ivanna Cullinan)

Plant-Creature Clips:

Fugulnari Guard

A tough-as-nails guard who keeps the peace.
(clip also features Ivanna Cullinan)


An upper-crust elite Plant Alien.
(clip also features Ivanna Cullinan and Amanda LaPergola)

Talking Animal Clips:

Pharma Steve

A pushy pharma bro.
(clip also features Derrick Peterson and Zuri Washington)


A dog-based alien Commander with a penchant for puns.
(clip also features Ivanna Cullinan)


A smart but tiny (and high-pitched!) alien helper.
(clip also features Zuri Washington, Anna Stefanic, Eli Ganias and Holly Pocket McCaffrey)