Voice: Baritone - Height: 5'9" - Weight: 180 lb. - Hair: Brown/Grey - Eyes: Blue

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Plays - New York City and Brooklyn, NY

As You Like It Le Beau
Frog & Peach /
Lynnea Benson
  Carson and Huston John Huston Dream Up! Festival /
Dale Davidson
Macbeth Duncan
Hudson Classical /
Nicholas Martin-Smith
  A Midsummer Hour Oberon
Theater 2020 / 
Judith Jarosz
  Keepers of the Secret Cardinal Cisneros John McDonnell Tierney
ALL ABOUT IMAGE / WE ARE THE ELITE Businessman Second Wing Productions / 
Tony Tambasco
The Man In The Iron Mask Goschwin Nickel
Hudson Warehouse / 
Nicholas Martin-Smith
The Three Musketeers:
20 Years Later
Hudson Warehouse / 
Nicholas Martin-Smith
ReFUSE AA19 Gemini CollisionWorks / 
Ian W. Hill & Berit Johnson
Three Sisters Dr. Chebutykin Obvious Volcano /
Maggie Cino
A Perfect Analysis
Given By A Parrot
Son of Mars White Horse /
Cyndy Marion
  These Little Ones Perish The Monsignor Winterfest / 
Lola Lopez-Guardone
CANT David Gemini CollisionWorks / 
Ian W. Hill & Berit Johnson
Hamlet Claudius Nine Theatricals / 
Jay Michaels
(invisible republic #3)
The Believer Gemini CollisionWorks / 
Ian W. Hill & Berit Johnson
ALICE! King of Hearts UnChained Festival 2015 / 
Sybil Lines & Patrick Cann
My First Autograce
The Authority Gemini CollisionWorks / Ian W. Hill
The Winter's Tale Shepherd / Jailor Hudson Warehouse / 
Nicholas Martin-Smith
  The Three Sisters Dr. Chebutikin Modern Theater Project / Joseph Hamel
  To Fool The Eye Peshke the Gypsy Boomerang Theatre / Cailin Heffernan
Removal B. Parrot Oilcan Gemini CollisionWorks / Ian W. Hill
Antrobus / Devils Uncle / Fr. Mignon Gemini CollisionWorks / Ian W. Hill
The Magnificent Ambersons August, Ensemble Gemini CollisionWorks / Ian W. Hill
A Little Piece of the Sun Anatoly Dyatalov Gemini CollisionWorks / Ian W. Hill
  Everything Must Go!
(Inivisible Republic No. 2)
Elmore Smern Gemini CollisionWorks / Ian W. Hill
Twelfth Night Feste Seeing Place / Brandon Walker
Waiting For Lefty Agate Keller Seeing Place / Brandon Walker
Hamlet Ghost, Player, Gravedigger Seeing Place / Brandon Walker
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Are Dead
Player Seeing Place / Erin Cronican
  Catastrophe Director Resonance Ensemble / Eric Parness
Swan Song Nikita Ivanitch Resonance Ensemble / Eric Parness
  The Winter's Tale Autolycus Theater Ten Ten / Tom Rowan
Innocent Diversions Rev. Geo. Austen Theater Ten Ten / Lynn Marie Macy
A Brief History of Murder Mayor Gaspenhausen Sneaky Snake Prod'ns / Ivanna Cullinan
  The Undetermined Soldier Ralph Simmons Scripts Up! / Janet McCall Spaulding
VKTMS Basilos Verse Theater Manhattan / Jim Milton
  The Merchant of Venice Old Gobbo, Balthasar Revolving Shakespeare / Ralph Carhart
  Tamburlaine The Great Orcanes, Damascus New York Marlowe Festival / 
Douglas Overtoom
  Antony & Cleopatra Enobarbus Artemis & The Wild Things / 
Artemis Preeshl
  Sail Past Molokai Ben Isaac Green (lead) Artemis & The Wild Things / 
Artemis Preeshl
The Tamer Tamed Gremio Misfit Toys Repertory / Nik Priest
  The Taming of the Shrew Gremio, Haberdasher ShakespeareNYC / Beverly Bullock
  Cymbeline Cymbeline Frog & Peach / Lynnea Benson
  Much Ado About Nothing Antonio Frog & Peach / Lynnea Benson


A Cherry Orchard In Maine Leo Snowlion Repertory Company / 
Al D'Andrea
  Richard II Gaunt American Shakespeare Rep /
Janet Farrow
  The Alchemist Ananias American Shakespeare Rep /
Janet Farrow
  Antigone Tiresius American Shakespeare Rep /
Janet Farrow
  The Screwtape Letters Mr. Brayshaw CornerGate Productions / Ralph Irizarry
  Socrates On Trial Socrates Educational Theater NY / 
Barbara Bregstein

Musicals - New York City

Into The Woods Narrator
Mysterious Man
Cinderella's Father
Theater 2020 / David Fuller
Assassins Sam Byck Theater 2020 / David Fuller
Martin Eden
by Gregory Nissen
Russell Brissenden National Opera Center America / Jason Grant
The Singapore Mikado
The Mikado (Sir Evelyn) Theater 2020 / David Fuller
The Singapore Mikado
The Mikado (Sir Evelyn) Theater Ten Ten / David Fuller
  Happy End The Reverend Theater Ten Ten / David Fuller
  Happy End Dr. Nakamura American Shakespeare Rep / Janet Farrow
  Following Jerry (lead) Chester Horn Festival / Patrick M Wickham
  Granola! The Musical Joad (lead) Fringe Pace Schimmel Ctr / Eric March


Portland, ME

Mesmerized Dr. Anton von Stoerck Snowlion Repertory Company / Al D'Andrea
The Elephant Piece Bones Snowlion Repertory Company / Al D'Andrea
The Christmas Bride Snitchey / Malkey Snowlion Repertory Company / Al D'Andrea

Union City, NJ

  Passion Play,
The Musical
Pontius Pilate Park Performing Arts Center / Meryl Tanner

Garden City, NY

  Heroism Morris (lead) Nassau Community College / Cailin Hefferman

Philadelphia, PA

  Kings Prophet Samuel (lead) Penn. Congregation / Bert Michaels


  And Just Like That Background HBO Comedy
  Bar Crawl Radio Sports Commentator BCR UWS / Alan, Rebecca and Alina
  That Reminds Me Rabbi Potatoes Tomatoes / 
Jenny Paul Monica Cangero
The Last Goodbye Robert Leyland, Esq. Blue Wall: The Series /
Sheila Mitchell Simmons
  One Hit Wonder Lou Duva Adam Appel Productions / Gil O'Brien
  30 Rock Background NBC Comedy
  The Knick Background Cinemax
  NYU Professor The Judge Milky Way Media
  The Assistant Boss Steve Herold, Joint Films


New Actors Workshop, Esper Studio, Broadway Dance Center, DanceSport, Gibney Dance Center


Harvard College, Boston Conservatory, UNC-Chapel Hill, American Institute of Musical Studies


Dialects: English, Irish, Spanish, French, Maine, Chicago, Japanese, Farsi, Scottish
Other: Stage Combat (fisticuffs, foils); Dance (Smooth Ballroom, Latin, Swing)


Jade Star Hotel Stephanie Chou (composer)
Susan Kander (libretto)
Old Ming American Opera Project Matt Gray
  No For An Answer Marc Blitzstein,
adapted by David Fuller
Nick, Max Theater 2020 David Fuller,
Solon Snyder (Mus Dir)
  End of Play Series
American Playwrights Various 24-Hour Plays Madelyn Paquette,
Mackenna Goodrich,
General Managers
A Radio Christmas Carol adapted from Chas. Dickens Scrooge Theater 2020 David Fuller
  Smoke City Tim Errickson Mercer Boomerang
Theatre Co.
LRR Group
  One More
For The Road
Christopher Frey Grandpa Boomerang
Theatre Co.
Tim Errickson
  GASQUE Vincent Sessa Ernst Mach GASQUE PRODUCTIONS David Arthur Bachrach
  The Night Falls Karen Russell Tour Guide American Opera Project Matt Grey
  Richard III Wm. Shakespeare Murderer, Blunt Raw Shakespeare DP Brown
  Falling Josh Drimmer Doc Jelani Dramatists Guild Maggie Cino
The Christmas Bride Noel Katz / 
MK Wolfe
Dr. Jeddler Brookfield Theatre,
Danbury, CT
Noel Katz
  Flight to Paris Tony Manzo Frank PIZZA AND PLAYS Rose DeSena
  A Nice Family Christmas Phil Olsen Uncle Bob Dramatists Guild Linda S. Nelson
Mr. Quimby's 7:40 Vicki Riba Koestler Mr Quimby 4QT at Drama League Anthony Castellano
  Still Waiting for the Streetcar Dan Berkowitz Stanley Kowalski Alliance, L.A. Playwrights Peggy Chane
It's Not For Everyone Carol Anne Seflinger Steven Alliance, L.A. Playwrights Peggy Chane
  Forgiveness Alan Stolzer Efram Greenberg Red Harlem Readers Cordis Heard
  Everyone Is An Astronaut Corey Pajka John Campbell Random Access
Theatre Company
Jennifer Sandella
  Adding Machine, The Musical Fran Handman (book & lyrics),
Sheldon Gartner (music)
Mr. Shrdlu Midtown International
Theatre Festival
Jay Michaels
  The Lisp of the Clitoris Vincent Sessa The Narrator auspices of Boomerang Cailin Heffernan
  First Caliber Alan Stolzer CC Collins Red Harlem Readers Cordis Heard
  The Summer King Daniel Sonenberg Clark Griffith, 
Branch Rickey
American Opera Projects Lemuel Wade
Uncle Vanya Anton Chekhov Serebryakov Modern Theater Project
and Hudson Warehouse
Joseph Hamel
  The Flood Joseph Hamel Louis The Red Harlem Readers Joseph Hamel
Mesmerized Darryl Curry (music),
Al D'Andrea (book),
MK Wolfe (lyrics)
Dr. Baron de Sterck Snowlion Repertory Al D'Andrea
  The Winter's Tale William Shakespeare Leontes Hudson Warehouse Nicholas Martin-Smith
  Not God, a play in poems Marc J. Straus Narrator, Hospital Patient Verse Theater Manhattan Jim Milton
  Othello William Shakespeare Brabantio, Sailor (Ensemble) Hudson Warehouse Nicholas Martin-Smith
  The Pretentious Young Ladies Moliere Gorgibus, a good citizen Oberon Theater Ensemble Nate Terracio
  King Lear William Shakespeare Gloucester Hudson Warehouse Joseph Hamel
  Saloon Society Bill Manville, adapted by
Jim Milton
Narrator, Lounge Lizard The Howl Festival and
Verse Theater Manhattan
Jim Milton
  And Harmony For None Alan Stolzer Werner The Red Harlem Readers Reesa Graham
  The Prediction Michael DeVito David Boomerang Theatre
Tim Errickson