David Arthur Bachrach

"A Life Well Played" by David Rogers Treadwell for The Times Record of Bath/Brunswick, Maine (read the full article)

"Passionate to Play the Part" by Valerie Kaufman for Our Town (read the full article)

Ever since he played Hansel in a first-grade production of Hansel and Gretel, David Arthur Bachrach, 62, has thrilled to the sound of applause.


"David Arthur Bachrach found a scheming Claudius filled with villainous gestures and methodical means. His “oh my offense is rank” soliloquy was a modernized touch of existentialism amid the gorgeous Shakespearean flourish, of which David is obviously a master. "
-Bob Greene (read the full review)

The Singapore Mikado

"Mr. Bachrach was in character from the very beginning"
The Huffington Post - (read the full review)

"Equally fascinating as he chats with the audience is Sir Evelyn Estebrooke (David Arthur Bachrach), who morphs into the Mikado himself."
Home Reporter - (read the full review)

Theater Pizzazz - (read the full review)

NY Theater Now - (read the full review)

Nominated for BEST ENSEMBLE at NY Independent Theater Award


Nominated for BEST ENSEMBLE at UnChained Festival

My First Autograce Homeography (1973-1974)

New York Theatre Review - (read the full review)

Fanchild Review - (read the full review)

The Elephant Piece

Snowlion Repertory’s Mister Bones (David Arthur Bachrach) has a tale to tell -- greed, ignorance, carelessness, corruption, blood lust, our throw-away society and the literal rape of a country – it’s all there, in the guise of a vaudeville-style performance, “The We Hack Minstrel Show.”

- April Boyle, Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram (read the full review)

"Actor, Brunswick native David Arthur Bachrach returns to his home town to appear in new Snowlion production"

- Gina Hamilton, The Times Record (read the full article)

The Elephant in the Room - Megan Grumbling, The Portland Phoenix (read the full review)

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"David Arthur Bachrach, who performs the role of Feste, is clearly the guiding genius of the play. He sings Feste’s songs and accompanies himself on a piano, in true Elizabethan theatrical tradition. Mr. Bachrach is clearly the most proficient Shakespearean in the group, and his influence on the success of the show is palpable."

-W. Kenton, Cultural Capitol (read the full review)

The Christmas Bride

"David Arthur Bachrach [has] a lot of fun in villainous roles"

-Steve Feeney, (read the full review

Other Article: Bangor Daily News

Waiting For Lefty

"Rabble-rouser Agate Keller searingly portrayed by David Arthur Bachrach"

-Heather Violanti, (read the full review)

Innocent Diversions: A Christmas Entertainment with Jane Austen and Friends

"David Arthur Bachrach, as Austen’s father, has a fine time with a bit of doggerel called 'Verses to Rhyme With ‘Rose' "

-Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times (read the full review)